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The Photographs

Mark Montgomery has specialized in Black and White Photography since 1985, from the processing of the film to the development of the final print. He hand colors each fine art photograph, using a variety of oils and other media to add a new visual perspective.

Original prints

The original hand-colored prints measure up to 11" by 14", and are double matted to your specifications.

To assure the permanence of every original art piece, each photograph is selenium toned for archival purposes. All work is done by hand by the artist; computers are not used to enhance the photograph in any way.

Limited Giclée prints

In the Giclée process, the original photograph is re-printed on Somerset Velvet 100% Rag, a textured watercolor paper, and embellished once again in areas with pastels.

The Giclée process produces incredible detail and brilliant color, combining the feel and look of an intricate painting with the quality of a photograph. New York's Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim, and the National Museum of Mexico all proudly display Giclées as part of their collections. (For more information about the Giclée printing process, please visit

These limited Giclée prints are signed, numbered, and embossed with a stamp of authenticity. They are available in sizes up to 35" by 47". They can also be special ordered on a canvas up to 35" by 47". A UV coating is applied to each canvas.

Other services

-  prints are also available in black and white
-  custom matting and framing
-  commissioned for private work
-  classes available: individual/groups

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